Hotel Hospiz in Tuebingen

„Hospiz“ is derived from the latin word „Hospitium“, meaning the right to hospitality as well as hostel. Since 1940 our hotel is bearing this name, distinguishing it as that what it is up to today: A hospitable hostel.

Guests were always welcome at our place. Up to the beginning of the 20th century, formerly known as „Waldhorn“, our house was the local for the King´s society, until they moved to their current location situated at the castle hill.

Many students of the nearby „Burse“, one of the main buildings of the old university, took their breaks in the old „Waldhorn“. As those breaks often were extended, leading to many missed out lectures and seminars, the place was called „lazy corner“ in the common parlance.

Another nickname was given to the hotel in the postwar period: Because students got a free, simple but filling meal even without food stamps, the tavern was also known as „The godly spoon“. For decades, the tavern had its place in the hostel. Nowadays, the hotel´s own restaurant is closed.